European competency development for sustainable management - curricula and training/learning materials for sustainable vocational training in the food industry (EuKoNa)

„Vocational training is one of the most important requirements for the development of human resources and to facilitate the transition to a sustainable world. (Agenda 21)

Shaping the future of profession and society means placing a marked importance on sustainability. Sustainability is considered as key orientation for long-term stable development for all people. Integrated goals of sustainability are economic prosperity, intact environment and social cohesion.

A lasting economy in Europe requires that enterprises adhere to these principles. This means that enterprises include an integrated, balanced economic, social and ecological approach in their framework of actions and decisions. The EukoNa project provides the cornerstones for overall competency development for sustainable management in vocational and further education.

Project in the EU-programme LEONARDO DA VINCI.
The partnership programme in vocational training

duration: 1st March 2007 to 28th February 2009

Agency responsible for the project/project co-ordination: Ministry for school and further education of North Rhine-Westphalia (Soest office)

Ministerium für Schule und Bildung

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